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2023-2024 Secondary Course Catalog

Welcome, R7 Families!

Please contact your home school counselor to discuss schedule creation and/or changes using the course list below.  

If you would like to discuss taking a course that is not currently on the R7 Secondary Online Academy list below, then contact your home school counselor to review our Edgenuity platform and the additional courses available. Links to Edgenuity's regular catalog of courses and Advanced Placement suite/offerings are at the bottom of this page.

These are the course descriptions and additional course information review our LSR7 2023-2024  Career and Educational Planning Guide.

2023-24 Secondary Online Academy Course Offerings

Courses are offered both semesters/year long depending on enrollment numbers.

Middle School Courses
6th grade Reading
6th grade Writing
6th grade Math
6th grade Science
6th grade Social Studies
6th grade PE
6th grade Art
6th grade Music
6th grade SMARTS
6th grade Introduction to Broadcasting/Video Technology/Speech/Theatre
6th grade Discovering World Languages and Cultures
6th grade Exploring Family and Consumer Science
6th grade Exploring Business, Marketing & Informational Technology
6th grade Exploring Engineering & Industrial Technology
7th grade Ancient World History
7th grade Art
7th grade boys/girls PE Combined
7th grade Computer Explorations
7th grade Discovering FACS
7th grade Exploring Language and Cultures
7th grade Health
7th grade Introduction to Engineering and Industrial Technology
7th grade Language Arts
7th grade Math
7th grade Music I
7th grade Science
8th grade Algebra I
8th grade Pre-Algebra
8th grade Art
8th grade boys/girls PE Combined
8th grade Theater, Public Speaking, Acting
8th grade Early American history
8th grade Engineering Technology
8th grade Introduction to Computer Science
8th grade Language Arts
8th grade Living skills
8th grade Science


High School Course Options

Course Length of Course Semester
Accounting I (Online) Full Year Full
Accounting II (Online) Full Year Full
Adv American History (Online) Full Year Full
Adv Creative Writing (Online) Semester Both
Adv Studies World History (Online) Full Year Full
Algebra I (Online) Full Year Full
Algebra II (Online) Full Year Full
Algebra III (Online) Full Year Full
Algebra/Geometry III Full Year Full
American Government (Online) Semester Both
American History (Online) Full Year Full
Astronomy (Online) Semester Both
Biology I (Online) Full Year Full
Biology II (Online) Full Year Full
Business Law (Online) Semester Both
Chemistry (Online) Full Year Full
Child & Adolescent Devel (Online) Semester Both
College Child and Adolescent Dev Semester Fall
Child Development/Parent (Online) Semester Both
College Algebra (Online) Full Year Full
College Credit English 12 (Online) Full Year Full
Computer Business Apps I (Online) Semester Both
Computer Hardware & OS (Online) Semester Fall
Computer Hardware & OS II (Online) Semester Spring
Concepts in PE (Online) Semester Both
Coop Career Education (Online) Full Year Full
Culinary Foundations (Online) Semester Both
Cybersecurity Fundamentals I Semester Fall
Cybersecurity Fundamentals II Semester Spring
Drawing I (Online) Semester Both
English 10 (Online) Full Year Full
English 11 (Online) Full Year Full
English 11 Honors (Online) Full Year Full
English 12 (Online) Full Year Full
English 12 Honors (Online) Full Year Full
English 9 (Online) Full Year Full
Entrepreneurship and Social Media (11 & 12) Full Year Full
Fashion/Interior Design Found(Online) Semester Both
Foundations Of Design (Online) Semester Both
Foundations Of Drawing (Online) Semester Both
Foundations Of Fitness (Online) Semester Both
French I Full Year Full
French II Full Year Full
Fund of Physics/Chemistry (Online) Full Year Full
General Psychology Semester Both
Geometry (Online) Full Year Full
Health - Wellness (Online) Semester Both
Human Anatomy/Physiology (Online) Full Year Full
International Foods (Online) Semester Both
Intro to Business Management (Online) Semester Both
Intro to Construction Semester Spring
Intro to Creative Writing (Online) Semester Both
Intro to Human Services (Online) Semester Both
Intro to Web Design (Online) Semester Both
Mandarin Chinese for Heritage Speakers (Online) Full Year Full
Marketing 101 (Online) Full Year Full
Meteorology (Online) Semester Both
Modern Global Issues (Online) Semester Both
Music Appreciation (Online) Full Year Full
Personal Finance (Online) Semester Both
Personal Image/Relationships (Online) Semester Both
Pre-Algebra HS Full Year Full
Recovery English 10 (Online) (1st sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 10 (Online) (2nd sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 11 (Online) (1st sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 11 (Online) (2nd sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 12 (Online) (1st sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 12 (Online) (2nd sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 9 (Online) (1st sem) Semester Both
Recovery English 9 (Online) (2nd sem) Semester Both
Science of Nature (Online) Full Year Full
Sociology I (Online) Semester Both
Sociology II (Online) Semester Spring
Spanish I (Online) Full Year Full
Spanish II (Online) Full Year Full
Walking for Fitness (Online) Semester Both
World History (Online) Full Year Full




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