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Student/Parent Expectations

R-7 Online Academy Parent Expectations and Commitments 

Per Board Policy IGCD and IGCD-AP1:  Students can be enrolled in online courses unless there is a determination with the student’s home school that there is good cause to refuse the student enrollment in the course. 

  • I will remain in regular communication with the teacher for clarity on procedures, schedule, synchronous online meetings, or any other items pertinent to the success of my child. Communication with my child’s teacher should occur outside of instructional time.
  • I will schedule regular school time for my child to focus on schoolwork during school hours and understand there will be specific times my child is required to be in meetings and group discussions with other students and the teacher.
  • I hold my child accountable for assignment/assessment due dates and late work policies set by their teachers.
  • I understand our commitment to online learning is for a minimum of one semester. 
  • I will hold my child accountable for his/her online behavior. 
  • I will create a designated space for school work that is distraction-free and conducive to learning, especially for live online group discussions and class meetings. 
  • I am committed to understanding the Schoology environment and will access the Navigating Schoology for Parents course as needed. 
  • I am committed to helping my child understand their Chromebook, Schoology, and other necessary online resources they may need to use for their learning. 
  • I understand from time to time there may be materials that need to be picked from my child’s school to assist them in completing learning activities. 
  • I understand there may be set times every day that my child will be expected to be online for live class events. 
  • I understand that assessment drives the instruction my child receives, and I will make sure my student completes assessments free from outside influences or distractions.
  • I understand that my child will be required to complete all district, state, and national assessments. State and national assessments will need to be completed on-site at the same time as other grade-level peers. 
  • I understand that if my student is not successful in online course work, they will be required to return to in-person instruction.
  • I have considered the following factors when deciding whether an online course is in the best educational interest of my child: Per Board Policy IGCD AP-1
    • Has my child demonstrated time-management skills that indicate that the student is capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements without reminders?
    • Has my child demonstrated persistence in overcoming obstacles and a willingness to seek assistance when needed? 
    • Has my child demonstrated verbal or written communication skills that would allow the student to succeed in an environment where the instructor may not have sufficient nonverbal cues to indicate the student’s level of understanding? 
    • Does my child have the necessary computer or technical skills to succeed in a virtual course? 
    • Does my child have adequate access to computers, the internet, and other necessary technology resources to participate in a virtual course and complete assignments? 
    • If my child previously attempted a virtual course and struggled with or failed the class, have the issues that caused the student to struggle or fail been identified and addressed?