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Summer School 2024

Online High School Summer Courses 2024

Secondary Summer School Online Dates

Session 1: May 29th - June 12th

Session 2: June 13th - June 28th

Full Session: May 29th - June 28th 

**Students taking American Government during Summer School MUST take the End-of-Course exam after the completion of their summer course session.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment will begin at 3:00 PM on February 2nd, 2024. The first enrollment window will be open until April 24th.

Enrollment will be closed on April 25th until May 1st.

The enrollment portal will reopen on May 1st. The second enrollment window will be open from May 1st, 2024 – May 15th. The enrollment window will close at 3pm on May 15th, 2024.

In-District Enrollment Directions 

Out-of District Enrollment Form

Summer School Online Guidelines

Edgenuity Enrollment for Summer

On May 1st, after 3:00 p.m., parents and students will be able to login to the Parent/Student PowerSchool Portal and click on the Summer School Schedule icon. It will show which course the student is enrolled in. If your student doesn’t have a schedule, then they have been placed on a wait list.

Cherie Rushton- In-Person-

Elizabeth Riley - Online -


Session 1: May 29th - June 12th Session 2: June 13th - June 28th Full Session: May 29th - June 28th
Algebra (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Algebra (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) Computer Business Apps I (Online)
Algebra II (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Algebra II (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) Computer Hardware & OS (Online)
Algebra/Geometry II (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Algebra/Geometry II (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) Concepts in PE (Online)
Algebra/Geometry III (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Algebra/Geometry III (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) English 12 (1st Sem) (First Attempt)(Incoming Seniors Only)
American Government (Online) American Government (Online) Foundations of Fitness (Online)(Juniors and Seniors) Cap 120
American History (Online)(1st Sem)(Recovery) American History (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) Health - Wellness (Online)
Astronomy (Online) Astronomy (Online) Personal Finance (Online)
Biology I (Online)(1st Sem)(Recovery) Biology I (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery) PLTW Internships
Child Development Child Development Reading Strategies (Online)
Foundations of Design (Online) Foundations of Design (Online)  
Foundations of Drawing (Online) Foundations of Drawing (Online)  
Fund of Physics/Chemistry (Online)(1st Sem)(Recovery) Fund of Physics/Chem (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery)  
General Psychology (Online) General Psychology (Online)  
Geometry (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Geometry (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery)  
Intermediate Algebra II (Online) ( 1st Sem )(Recovery) Intermediate Algebra II (Online) ( 2nd Sem)(Recovery)  
Intro to Human Services (Online) Intro to Human Services (Online)  
Meteorology (Online) Meteorology (Online)  
Modern Global Issues (Online) Modern Global Issues (Online)  
Personal Finance (Online) Personal Finance (Online)  
Personal Image (Online) Personal Image (Online)  
Pre-Algebra (Online) (1st Sem)(Recovery) Pre-Algebra (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery)  
Recovery English 10 (Online) (1st sem) Recovery English 10 (Online) (2nd sem)  
Recovery English 11 (Online) (1st sem) Recovery English 11 (Online) (2nd sem)  
Recovery English 12 (Online) (1st sem) Recovery English 12 (Online) (2nd Sem)  
Recovery English 9 (Online) (1st sem) Recovery English 9 (Online) (2nd sem)  
Science of Nature (Online)(1st Sem) Science of Nature (Online) (2nd Sem)  
World History (Online)(1st Sem)(Recovery) World History (Online) (2nd Sem)(Recovery)  




Online Secondary Summer School 


Dr. Melanie Hutchinson

For General Questions contact Elizabeth Riley or 816-986-1005.