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%22Have You Considered Online Kindergarten%22

R7 Online Kindergarten offers engaging lessons and social opportunities for children.  Our combination of live instruction and asynchronous activities provide balance in the  developmental needs of young learners.  Our curriculum is mastery-based and created to provide a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, science, and social skills.  In addition, art, music, physical education and library are included in the weekly schedule. 

As an online Kindergarten student, children have the opportunity for movement, exploration, and social skill-development as well as learning important 21st-century technology skills.  Two of the favorites are Lunch Bunch and Coding.

Asynchronous Day in Kindergarten

Take a peek at Kindergarten's start-up each day, aka "sun".  This video was pre-recorded for students on a day the teacher had to be absent.  As you will see the teacher instructed students on their asynchronous lessons and assignments.