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Additional Support for Students & Parents


Technology Management Tool

Use this tool to report any issues with district technology (i.e. Chromebooks, Schoology log in, etc.) and a district technology representative will reach out to help solve the problem.

PowerSchool Support

Use this link to access the LSR7 District's main PowerSchool support page. This will include a Quick Reference Guide for parents on how to log in and gain access to student information.

Chromebook Tips, Troubleshooting and Support

Use this link to access the LSR7 District's main Chromebook support page.

Clearing Cookies and Cache on your Chromebook

These directions will help you clear your browser cookies and cache so you can better use online videos and learning platforms.

Digital Cleanup (for Google Chrome, Chromebooks and Google Drive.)

Use this link to find a variety of helpful tips on how to clear your cookies/cache, reset the Chrome browser, information on extensions/bookmark clean-up, how to customize your Chrome launcher, how to sort/delete files, information on Google Drive organization and clean-up and cleaning/caring for your Chromebook.

Parent Schoology Support Page

Use this page to help answer any questions regarding Schoology. Use the technology management tool if you have problems logging in or creating a parent account.

Parent Schoology Sign-Up Guide

This is for first-time Schoology users only. Use this guide to help set up your parent portal account.

Parent Schoology Sign-Up Video

Use this for a video tutorial on how to set up a parent account on Schoology.

Parent Schoology Login Page

Use this to log in to your parent portal account.

Instructional Technology Quick Start Guide

Use this tool for a variety of technology guides, tutorials, and tools.

Google Meet Cheat Sheet

Use this tool to learn the basics of a Google Meet. This page will also give you options to learn more about Google Meets resources (see the navigation links on the right side of the webpage).

Edgenuity Support

This link will take you to Edgenuity's Help Center section of their website. You will find a variety of topics to help you as you scroll the page. You may also 'submit a request' at the top of the page if you cannot find what you need on the main Help Center page.